Basebaseball Chair – Bounce Your Way to Good Spine Health

Basebaseball Chair – Bounce Your Way to Good Spine Health


It seems that many people today, sitting in a traditional office chair, complain of low back pain. Granted, standard office chairs are narrow and lean firmly on the back. The problem with these chairs is that they force someone to sit in a certain way based on the design of the chair. Unfortunately, the shape of the chair does not match the shape of your body or spine. This is why a stability baseball chair, also called an exercise baseball chair, might be right for you.


An alternative solution to the standard office chair, the stable baseball chair is interesting and unique; it provides good back support when sitting. When used correctly, this chair can alleviate back problems associated with sitting for a long period of time.

This chair combines a daily exercise baseball with a synthetic plastic shell to keep the baseball secure when seated. Active sitting allows your spine to adjust to its correct posture (active sitting means that your body is constantly moving so that you can continue to sit in a suitable position on the baseball).

While it’s true that using an exercise baseball as a stabilization baseball chair is a great way to maintain proper posture while sitting, there are a few things to keep in mind when thinking about using your chair:

Once the baseball is full, the person’s feet should be firmly on the ground, making a 90-degree angle at the knees, while the arms relax comfortably in front of you.


In addition to the sitting position, you will know that the baseball is filled to the correct size, as you should be able to sit on the baseball completely straight. If he’s sunk in the baseball, he needs extra air. If you sit too high and are off the ground, the baseball should be deflated.

Plus, a stability baseball chair keeps your muscle groups strong. Due to seated activity, the muscles of the back and abdomen are constantly being exercised. This is a workout without going to the gym! And sitting on the baseball is usually nice. Many enjoy being able to jump on the baseball during a long and exhausting day at work.


Regardless of all the benefits of a firm baseball chair, you should consult your doctor before purchasing one. However, rest assured that this chair is what you need if you are tired of your usual office chair.


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