Cancer-Linked Contaminants Found In Tampa Bay Drinking Water

Cancer-Linked Contaminants Found In Tampa Bay Drinking Water


The scarcity of quality water supply is among the most necessary issues in many cities. Tampa Bay, where there are single sources of water, is mostly dependent on climate for drinking water. But despite several variations in water treatment technologies, the drinking water sources have found significant retention of the toxic contaminants.

The chemical risk assessments and tests have estimated and declared the presence of a significant percentage of toxins in the drinking water. The studies have not shown any primary effect on lifestyle and aquatic life. But these toxins are harmful and can lead to critical health issues such as cancer. A drop of water contains a high amount of arsenic, radon, chemicals, and hazardous wastes. The substantial amount of cancer-causing risk associated with the raw drinking water can be related to the increasing number of infectious diseases with its consumption. Its consumption also affects the liver, bladder, and kidneys.

The best option available to the people is to start using augmented and recycled drinking water as the best drinking water solution in such an area. You can visit Eco Water Solutions to know more about the quality supply of drinking water in Tampa Bay. They ensure public health as well as social, economical, and environmental sustainability. There are many benefits to using water solutions.

  • The water solution uses recycling processes. Recycling helps in improving water quality.
  • The water solution plants monitor and follow all the standards of water quality. The standards set by the WHO and other higher bodies associated with quality drinking water supply are followed at the water solution plants.
  • The filtration and processing techniques guarantee little to no risk of cancer.

It is always recommended to drink clean and filtered water. Never drink raw drinking water that is directly supplied to homes. The water solution plants used the latest and advanced techniques to remove the micro pollutants out of the water.

This post was written by Kristian D’An, owner and water skilled at Eco Water Solutions of Sunshine State. Eco Water Solutions could be a urban center Tampa water softeners company. they provide whole home water solutions like softeners, whole home water filtration systems, and reverse diffusion systems. Their focus is to produce Floridians with safe and clean water throughout the house.


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