Common Garage Door Problems

Common Garage Door Problems


Are you having issues operating your garage door? Maybe, you are having issues with the opener, or it is producing awful noise. Whichever the problem, the best way to handle it is letting an expert in so that he can troubleshoot and determine the exact problem. Some of the issues are something you can handle on your own while others require an expert for repair or replacing the garage door based on the extent of the problem.

This article aims at outlining the common garage door problems to guide you on how to spot them.

Rust formation

This is one of the common garage door issues. Other than tarnishing your garage door’s appearance, this formation will hinder the door’s ability to open and close. The problem is common in iron made doors, and once it is exposed to air and moisture for a long time, it ends up with the rust formation. You can deal with this problem by cleaning the affected area with vinegar but only if it is a minor issue. Also, call an expert and have the problem resolved or have the door replaced before things get out of hand.

Broken springs

You may notice that your door refuses to move up. That could be a problem with either the motor or transmitter. It could also be due to broken springs. If you try to open the door but then you get a loud, noisy bang, that is one sign that the garage door spring has broken. You may try to lift the door with the opener, but nothing happens. It is time to have it checked by a technician.

Misaligned track

You must ensure that your garage door comes down to a well-aligned track; otherwise, you will have a problem operating the door. Make sure that there no spaces between the roller and the rail and also, check to confirm that there are no bends on the rail. If you notice that the track is incorrectly aligned, it is best if you involve an expert to deal with the problem and restore it to its correct state.

Failure to close completely

If you notice that your garage door does not close all the way or it fails to reverse when you need it to, it is a sign that the limit switch needs some adjustments. The garage door has an adjustable switch, which shows how far the door should lower for it to close completely. You can adjust the switch with a screw and if that does not solve the problem, let a garage door technician inspect if there are further hidden issues.

A loose or broken seal

You do not want to deal with a broken or leaking garage door seal. It will let in dirt, water, and insects into the garage, which will damage whatever you have stored in the garage and add you extra cleaning work. Such a seal can easily be replaced. If it is a loose seal, you can call an expert and let him tighten it to its rightful state.

These are some of the commons garage door problems. If you are having constant issues or you notice that your garage door is beyond the repairable state, make a wise decision and invest in roller door installations, rest assured that these doors will serve you for the longest time with minimum problems.


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