4 Things To Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom

4 Things To Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom


When people remodel, they often focus on high-traffic areas like the kitchen and living room while neglecting low-traffic areas like the bathroom. But just because visitors don’t see it very often doesn’t mean your bathroom doesn’t deserve to be upgraded. After all, you see it every day, so you should make sure you love the way it looks. Here are four things to consider when preparing to remodel your bathroom.

Will You Do It Yourself?

The first thing you’ll need to decide before upgrading to contemporary bathroom design st louis mo is whether you want to do it yourself or hire professionals to do it. While you can save some money by doing certain tasks on your own, you’ll save time and headaches if you have professionals do it for you.

Do You Want To Add Lighting?

Not too long ago, the trend in bathrooms was to limit lighting to achieve a sultry effect. Now, people are moving away from dark bathrooms and opting to let more light into this important space. Bright lights can also make your bathroom look bigger. If you want to add lighting, you should plan out the number, type and location of the light fixtures you want to add.

Do You Want a Shower or Tub?

Do you dislike your current tub or shower? Would you like to upgrade it for a larger or more fashionable model? These are questions you should ask yourself when preparing to give your bathroom a makeover. If you don’t have room for both a shower and tub, you’ll have to ask yourself which one you can’t live without. Long soaks in the tub are relaxing, but do they trump your need to shower quickly in the mornings? There is also the good, old-fashioned shower/tub combination you can resort to if you can’t choose between the two.

How Will You Maximize Storage?

Making good use of storage is more than just a trend, it’s a wise way of living. The more storage areas you have, the more you can hide things away and keep your bathroom free from clutter. When remodeling, look for areas where you can add extra shelving. Over-the-toilet racks are helpful for storing toiletries, and they can add personality to the space as well.

In addition to these considerations, you’ll also need to figure out what type of flooring you want, how you want to paint your walls and if it’s time to upgrade your toilet. Once you’ve decided on all these things, you’ll have an easier time moving forward with your desired renovations with confidence.


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