Cotton Wicks vs. Wooden Wicks – What Works the Best for You

Cotton Wicks vs. Wooden Wicks – What Works the Best for You


Both the wooden and cotton wicks are used during the preparation of candles of many designs. So, people normally wonder what the actual difference between these two kinds of wicks is. If you are planning to try something new in the world of candle making, then you must know the difference here.

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Wooden Wicks are the kind of wicks that are designed especially for the insertion in the candle moulds. They are thin tubes or slabs and are used during candle making. These wicks require extra maintenance and attention.

Cotton wicks are the kind of strands that are braided with cotton. These wicks are made by dipping them inside the melted wax so that they hold their shape when they are introduced directly into the wax mould. The candles that are designed with cotton wicks are easy to handle.

Burning of the Cotton Wicks vs. Wooden Wicks 

Both the wicks are made to burn till they melt the wax that is present around them. They will burn till they completely melt and extinguish the wax and there is no more access to the wax around them. Here are some of the other things to know about these wicks.

Relighting and Lighting 

Both the wicks can be easily lit the first time you wish to light the candle. As the wicks burn and you light it off, you might need extra time to relight the wooden wicks because they need extra time and care. This is not the case with the cotton wicks as they can be lit easily even at the fourth or the fifth time.

Stick Lighters vs. Matches 

Wooden wicks cannot be easily lit with the help of a match, unlike cotton wicks. With the length of the match and the time duration required for it to burn completely, you might end up not only burning your finger but also not being successful in burning the wooden wick. Till you match a wooden wick, you will find the debris of continuously lit match sticks next to you.

The best way of lighting up a wooden wick is with the help of a stick lighter. Go with this idea only if you have a candle made with a wooden wick. If you have candles made of cotton wicks, then you are all good to go with the matches at hand.

Wind Gusts and Drafts 

The candles that are made with both wooden wicks and cotton wicks will struggle against the wind gusts and drafts. The erratic flame because of these will normally make the candle burn erratically resulting in producing more smoke and soot in the process.

By looking at all these factors, you can understand that cotton wicks are the best choice over wooden wicks.


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