Tips for Choosing the Best Shower Stall

Tips for Choosing the Best Shower Stall


Are you renovating or building a new bathroom? With the many shower stall options, regardless of your bathroom size, budget, and taste, you’ll find a solution that best matches your situation. Nonetheless, as you hit the market for acrylic shower stalls, you need a few pointers to ensure that you select the best. This ensures that you don’t buy the first option that pops up, only to realize that it doesn’t match your bathroom or style. Here are tips to help you chose an ideal shower stall.

The size

The best part about acrylic shower stalls is that they can fit even in small bathroom spaces. If you don’t have enough room for a full tub and shower combo, you won’t have to worry since you can find an acrylic shower stall that’ll fit right in. nonetheless, as you shop, don’t assume that any stall will fit. Consider the size and style that best matches your space. For instance, if you are dealing with not so generous space, opting for a 2-wall acrylic shower stall and installing it on a corner pace is ideal. Conversely, if space isn’t much restricting, you can opt for a 3-wall option. With the size and model in mind, you are better positioned to pick a shower stall that’ll transform your bathroom’s looks and functionality.


How’s the plumbing in the space you want to install the acrylic shower stall? While easily overlooked, the plumbing and other features in the space can affect the installation process. You might need some additional work and materials, concerns you need to factor in to avoid last-minute shocks as you strive to complete the project as fast as possible. Consider if it would be difficult to add, for example, pipes to the existing plumbing system as you install the shower stall. With a range of designs and models, you can find acrylic shower stalls matching your space. This facilitates easy and smooth installation, keeping your bathroom project on track.


Among the top pros of considering acrylic shower stalls is their affordability. Compared to some alternatives, the option costs less, but they aren’t all priced the same. Following the model and size, the pricing varies. Before you hit the market, understanding how such factors affect the pricing is essential. This will help you avoid tricky situations, such as buying the cheapest shower stall, only to realize that it’ll cost you a lot more in the long run, such as the additional work and materials needed. Evaluate your budget, see how much you can spend, and the type of acrylic shower stalls that falls within it and marks most, if not all boxes, on your checklist.

Shopping for the best acrylic shower stall can be challenging. Nonetheless, with the above pointers, you can quickly narrow the options and find the best stall. Acrylic shower stalls offer many advantages, including speedy installation, affordability, and easier maintenance. With the best option, you’ll comfortably furnish your bathroom needs, ensuring that you spot an aesthetically appealing space that’s comfortable.


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