Electrical Problems That Require an Electrician Immediately

Electrical Problems That Require an Electrician Immediately


Electricity is a necessity for every modern home. It is needed for lighting, heating, cooling, and working. It is also used to power home appliances and other electronic devices, which are meant to make life more convenient and comfortable. However, while electricity makes life easier, it also presents serious consequences. Worse, it can be deadly too.

So when an electrical problem arises, you must seek professional help immediately. But what exactly should you look out for? Here are the top 5 electrical problems that require an electrician immediately.

Lights Went Out

If your lights went out, but none of your neighbors are affected, there might be an electrical problem in your home. In this case, you need to call an electrician immediately to restore power and determine the root cause of the outage. This will allow you to prevent any major and costlier issues in the future.

Faulty Breaker

If you notice your fuses blowing out often or your breaker tripping frequently, make sure to call an emergency electrician. While these may seem like minor problems, they are often a sign of a more complicated issue with your electrical circuits. So even if you can restore power by simply replacing a fuse or resetting the breaker, you are not addressing the main problem. Thus, making you at risk of bigger issues later on.

Loose Sockets

Do your plugs fall out of their sockets? If so, then consider calling for a professional. See, sockets have contacts within them that cling to the prongs of a plug, which are responsible for ensuring a secure connection. If these contacts are loose or worn out, they can cause plugs to fall. Worse, this can cause an arc fault, which can then lead to a fire.

Unstable Lights and Outlets

If you plug in an electrical appliance and your lights start flickering or dimming, call an emergency electrician. This is because some appliances tend to use more than a power point’s capacity. Or, there may be problems with your wiring.

By hiring a licensed electrician to do the job, you can determine what causes the lights to dim and flicker. Thus, allowing you to address it before it gets any bigger. For example, an individual circuit may be installed to the outlet, making it function properly.

Electrical Overload

When there are too many devices plugged into a single outlet, the flow of current may rise and cause an overload. This can trip your circuit breaker and cause it to shut down. Worse, if you have no breaker or you have a faulty one, this overload may start a fire.

So if you regularly experience an electrical overload, it may be time for you to call a professional and start Googling “electrician near me.” This is so he can install more outlets and receptacles to fit your needs.

Electric Shock

Do you feel an electric shock whenever you connect an appliance to a socket or turn on the light? If so, then call a 24-hour electrician immediately. This problem can be a result of frayed wires within your electrical system, which can then lead to more serious issues. Also, electric shocks, no matter the intensity, are not normal. They may even be signs of electrocution or a fire in the future.

If you notice any of these electrical problems, contact an electrician immediately. While most of these problems seem common, they can cause a great deal of damage to your property. They may even cause injuries to you and your family. So make sure to hire a licensed, reputable, and qualified individual or a company like Electrician To The Rescue to deal with any electrical issues in your home.


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