How to Clean a Furnace Filter – a Basic Guide to Furnace repair in Queens and Manhattan

How to Clean a Furnace Filter – a Basic Guide to Furnace repair in Queens and Manhattan


Of all common problems you are most likely to face with a furnace, dirty filter seems to be the most common. Periodic cleaning is necessary to remove the dirt, dust and other debris to keep the filter dry and clean. More so, you need to be careful while cleaning the filter so that it can be used again. Hire technician who can efficiently perform furnace repair in Queens and can get your filter clean.

Reusable filters should be marked as such and are usually made of plastic-like materials. If your filter is not reusable, replaceable/disposable filters can be the best option. This basic guide will give you some tips to clean your furnace filter. Let’s get started:

Removing the Filter:

  • Turn off the furnace:

Don’t remove filter while furnace is turned on. Be sure to turn the switch off of your furnace before you start off. Locate the handle somewhere near the furnace that can be switched off.

If you don’t know how to switch the furnace off, call out your landlord or the manufacturer.

  • Locate the filter:

The filter is usually located inside the furnace or just inside the air vent. You can also find an arrow printed on the side of the furnace, showing the proper direction of the air flow.

  • Draw the Direction of the Air Flow:

Prior to removing the filter, mark an arrow with a sharpie pointing in the direction of airflow. This makes it easy for you to reinsert the filter in the right direction.

  • Slide the Filter Out of Place:

Once you’ve successfully found the filter, you can remove it. No special tools are required. All you need to do is grab the filter with your fingers and remove it.

Cleaning the Filter:

  • Make sure the filter is reusable:

Usually, those filters with plastic frame turn out to be reusable model. It’s easy to clean it out and place it back in the furnace. Disposable filters tend to feature cardboard frames. For disposable filters, remove the old filters and get the same type of filter at a hardware store.

Don’t forget to note the type and size of filter in case yours is not reusable. Remember, the type and size should match when you are going to get the new filter to replace the old one.

  • Rinse the Filter Under Running Water:

Cleaning your furnace filter is not that complicated. Since you don’t require any special cleaners, you can simply rinse the dust, dirt and debris away with running water. Make sure to turn it around to get all sides clean.

  • Set the Filter Somewhere to Dry:

Let the filter dry one you’ve got it clean. It’s best set it down somewhere and let the air dry. Normally, the temperature of the home determines how long it would take to dry. Refrain from reinserting it in the furnace until the filter is completely dry.

  • Put the Filter Back in Place:

Once you’re done with cleaning and drying, you may want to reinsert the filter. Sliding it back in place is really not a big as it hardly requires any special equipment, either.

Look at the arrow your marked earlier and reinsert the filter in the right direction of airflow.

Caring for the Filter:

  • Check Out How Often You Need to Clean or Replace Your Filter:

Whether cleaning or replacing your current filter, you may need to figure out how often your filter needs cleaning or replacing. Depending on the type of filter, you may need to decide how often you should clean it. Check out the labels of the filters:

  • Electrostatic filters need to be cleaned every three months.
  • Electrostatic filters should cleaned weekly
  • Mechanical filters are not reusable and should be replaced once a month
  • Make a Note of When You Cleaned Your Filter:

Keep records every time you clean your filter. Maintaining a physical calender or one will be a good idea. Make a note of when the filter needs to be changed next. This will help you stay proactive about cleaning your furnace filter.

  • Replace Your Filter Regularly:

Even reusable filters need to changed after a certain time. Check out the manual and read the instructions. This will tell you how long your filter will last. However, if you’ve electromagnetic filters inside your furnace, you need not think much about replacing unless they are severely damaged.

Hopefully, this guide can be helpful. While this DIY guide can be useful in getting the filter clean, it’s advisable to leave it to the experts. True, to get the filter clean, you may not require any special skill or tools. Still, considering other complication it can lead to especially when cleaning goes wrong, it would be ideal to call in expert engineer to take care of it. Find the right company that specializes in furnace repair in Staten Island and see for yourself what they can do for your unit.


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