4 Tips to Keep Bugs Out of Your House

4 Tips to Keep Bugs Out of Your House

Frightened or fascinated by them, no one wants insects to freely roam around their house. In addition to being scary for most people, they are also very unsanitary. Many of them also bite, which could lead to bigger problems. You can’t get rid of all the bugs in the world, but you can keep them out of your house. When you are out of your house you should follow precautionary measures. Here are some practical tips to keep your home bug free.

Find and Close Gateways

Some insects have superpowers like flying or surviving an apocalypse, but none of them can dematerialize their bodies. This means they can’t get inside your house until you give them a way. Your first job is to find the places that connect your house to the outdoors and close them. These places include doors, windows, and pipes.

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You might already have many insects inside your house, most commonly ants. Close all gates for insects and see how to get rid of ants that have already infiltrated your residence. You start from outside to the inside. It means, clean the outdoor area, then bug proof all entrances, and then start cleaning the in

Keep Your House Clean

Bugs don’t come into your house to watch Netflix. They are enticed by your mistakes like not cleaning the house. An unclean place is an ideal residence for all kinds of bugs, and they always stay away from neat and clean areas. Getting rid of the insects just once is not enough; as they say, prevention is better than cure.

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To prevent them, you need to clean your house regularly and use a bug repellent floor cleaner that also kills bacteria and preferably has fragrance. As long as you follow this tip, no bug will dare enter your property even if you hang a board stating “welcome insects” on your door.

Use Sealed Container for Food

Your food is also the food of insects, and pretty much every edible of every species. We have to store food for a few days in our houses, that’s a necessity. But make sure it’s not inviting any outsiders. How does it invite outsiders? Good question. When you leave it open or not in a bug-proof place. The best way to keep both your home and food safe from insects is by covering the edibles. Use sealed containers like plastic jars or store it in the fridge.

No Wet Areas

Wet areas are another open invitation to bugs. If you don’t want to start a war with them, you will have to be the bigger man and make sure nothing catches their attention. Standing water, sink full of dishes, or leaking pipes in the bathroom or kitchen are the favorite breeding grounds of insects. Even avoid excessive moisture in and around the house. Cockroaches particularly like such places and wouldn’t mind crawling out of the gutter for a nice wet spot inside your kitchen.


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