Keys to Getting a Home Sold

Keys to Getting a Home Sold


Here we go! Now is the time to sell your home. Whatever the reason be it job change, relocation, marital status, children or downsizing, you have to sell and of course like everyone, you don’t want to stay on the market for any longer than you have to.

This can be a very stressful time in your life especially if you’ve already found another home that you need to purchase. This buying and selling simultaneously could be one of the most stressful things you have to deal with as a homeowner or it doesn’t have to be if you use the right real estate agent. Surprisingly, using the right agent that keeps you informed, sets you up for selling success and markets correctly, can actually make the home selling process easy and enjoyable.

It starts with choosing the right listing agent.

When listing your home you can usually find an agent that will list your property for whatever price you want. The problem with this is that you’ll usually sit on the market far longer than you have to, infuriating you and your agent until you fire them and look for somebody that really knows what they’re doing. This is where I want to start with you. Don’t waste your time listening to a “yes man” agent. If you’re serious about selling let me do the research about what your home is currently worth, how long I think it will take to sell and some marketing strategies we can take in order to get the home in front of the right buyer.

Can you list your home yourself?

Of course! That is if you want to put in the time, energy and money to marketed, sell it, negotiated, differentiate offers and hope you didn’t make a mistake. Remember, only licensed real estate agents can list on the local MLS where 95% of real estate buyers go first. If you choose to list a home yourself you may actually be losing money.

Here’s why:

Those that list the home themselves typically start at a higher price than a local agent would. When they don’t get any hits or offers on the property they will start to lower the price. The problem with this strategy is that by this point, the home has been on the market far too long and buyers will tend to stay away from the there’s something wrong with the home. In the end, sellers typically drop the price so far just to get it sold this is actually lost money selling lower than have they simply use a real estate agent in the first place. Often times they’ve lost more money than if they had paid real estate commissions.

This is why it pays to go with a qualified, experienced and seasoned agent first. I do the research, find out the best price to list the property and give you an unbiased, honest opinion on what needs to happen to the home in order to appeal to the right buyers. If you’re looking to get more out of your home you’ll need to compete with the closest similar property. This means offering more for less money.

For negotiating strategies, expert staging advice, marketing tips and excellent advertising, don’t waste your time with an amateur real estate broker. Get in touch with a  pro today!


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