Factors to Consider Before Getting an Aircon Installation

Factors to Consider Before Getting an Aircon Installation


As Singaporeans, we know that the weather can be somewhat unpredictable. Because of the intense heat, practically every household in Singapore has at least one air conditioner.

When installing air conditioning, there are many different elements to consider, even if it could look as straightforward as it seems.

The following is a summary of the four most important aspects to consider for an aircon installation.

1. Consider the Size of the Room.

While selecting the most appropriate air conditioner for you, it is important to consider the room’s dimensions.

To maintain a comfortable temperature in a master bedroom or other room of equivalent size, you should select an air conditioner with a horsepower rating of 2 or greater.

Air conditioning units ranging from 1 to 1.5 horsepower should be provided in single or comparable-sized rooms.

Use our horsepower calculator to get a better idea of how much power you need.

Choosing the air conditioner that offers the highest level of performance for your room will not only help you maintain a comfortable temperature in the space, but it will also contribute to maintaining a healthy balance between the various metrics of cost-effectiveness.

2. Installing an Air Conditioning Unit in Your Room

When installing an air conditioner in your room, keep in mind that the unit has to be located where it can operate at its maximum capacity for the room to remain at a comfortable temperature.

The condenser for the air conditioner should be covered from direct sunlight since it might cause the system to overheat, which would be detrimental to the cooling system. You do not want to throw away money fixing installation errors that are unnecessary.

As a consequence of this, it is very necessary to pay special attention to the location of the installation.

3. Insulation and Ducting Systems That Are Efficient

An air conditioning system installation requires careful attention to detail in the ducting and the insulation. When the ductwork is done properly, there will be no cold air escaping into the crawlspace or attic.

If you want your air conditioner to be as efficient as possible, you should seek the assistance of trained specialists to assist you with the ducting.

Before commencing the professional insulation installation, they will perform a thorough inspection of the ducts and make any necessary repairs.

4. Charge for Refrigerant

Being the manufacturer of the air conditioner, they are obligated to do an exhaustive cross-check to ascertain the quantity of refrigerant necessary for the system to operate well.

A low amount of refrigerant will not only cause energy to be wasted, but it also has the potential to generate other issues, such as structural damage to your power supply.

In the event that the refrigerant level is low and causing damage to the cooling system, please contact professionals who install air conditioning as soon as possible.


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