Save Money This Winter With Dallas Window Replacement

Save Money This Winter With Dallas Window Replacement


With Dallas’ coldest month fast approaching, why not take a look at replacing your windows? Your expensive heating and air conditioning bill might have already given you a sign. Often older windows cause your utility bills to be much higher. If your windows are at least 15-20 years old, they’re probably causing issues simply because over time windows leak. It is definitely time for window replacement.


By the time windows start leaking they are no longer efficient. Cracks, compromised seals and misalignment not only brings in more cold but insects, rodents, moisture and possibly mold. Floors can also be ruined by rainwater or ice and snow melt. So once a window leaks your homeowner costs go up exponentially.


Winter drafts hardly get by undetected. Drafts not only seep in and increase your heating bill but they cause an imbalance in the temperature of the rooms in your home. Have you ever felt a cold draft around your ankles? Probably time to replace your windows.

Older windows often have alignment issues that can create small cracks that also cause leaks. Is the carpet or floor wet underneath your window? Does moisture build up on your window ledges? Do you have to put towels down around your windows after a rain or snow storm? Stop the annoyance by replacing your windows.

Another sign your windows in your Dallas home need replacement is the constant buildup of condensation and frost along your window sill. This build up usually appears on windows that have become uneven or damaged over time from wear and tear. One safety concern is this moisture buildup can quickly create mold.


Energy efficient windows play a big role in helping our home stay efficient and keeping your bills down. What passed for energy efficiency when your current windows were installed may not meet today’s standards. Old installation or failing operation issues could be sapping the energy savings you initially expected in your windows.

You could add caulking or weather-stripping but for a small investment in new windows, you can substantially reduce energy costs by at least $400+ a year, on top of greatly improving your insulation, upgrading the value of your home, Improving your home’s security, dramatically cutting down on outside noise and protect your furniture and carpets from fading due to UV damage.


Dallas, Texas is known for its extreme weather conditions. This winter you can expect thunderstorms, hail, blizzards and much colder temperatures. Make your home warm, cozy and heat efficient by replacing your old, compromised, leaking windows.


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