The Top Plywood Companies in India

The Top Plywood Companies in India


The construction world is abounding with advanced materials and plywood is one of them. Owing to its astounding properties like high strength, high panel shear, excellent flexibility, moisture resistance, fire and weather resistance, insulation etc, it enjoys the stature of the most popular building material in the current times. Whether you are looking for an economical option or a sturdy one for your upcoming construction project, choose plywood and be rest assured. Here are the top plywood companies in India. Have a look:

1 National Plywood Industries Ltd

India’s 4th largest plywood company, National Plywood Industries Ltd was established in 1973. Currently, the company is led by a strong team of 7 directors. Known for manufacturing highest quality plywood besides laminates, block boards, absorbent craft papers etc., the company boasts of its offices in the prominent metropolitan cities of India like Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata alongside Bhubaneswar and Bangalore.

2 Archidply Industries Ltd

One of the industry pioneers, Archidply Industries Ltd is known for their ingenious plywood products. Founded in the year 1976, it employs world-class technology to manufacture all its products, thus, ensuring their top-notch quality. With two product categories, namely plywood and laminates, Archidply has made its mark in the plywood manufacturing market. Whether you wish to purchase plywood doors or densified film-faced plywood, there is no dearth of options for you at Archidply.

Also known for bestowing India with its foremost toxin check technology Plywood, Archidply is already winning the confidence of the customers from all walks of life.

3 Sound of Silence

One of the leading plywood manufacturers in India, The Sound of Silence was established in the year 2010. With a product portfolio consisting of the plywood and hardware tools, it also offers varied services including excellent fire solutions and acoustic solutions.

4 Krishna Plywoods

Based out of Makkal Pathai, Karur, Tamil Nadu, Krishna Plywoods is one of the top exporters of plywood in India. Established in 1984, it offers plywood, hardboards, and doors. Founded by Mr. G. Vishnu Prasad, Krishna Plywoods has grown manifold since its commencement. The company boasts of its products including pre-laminated particle board, pre-laminated MDF and doors, HDF wooden flooring etc. besides other high-quality products. With 50 employees and one of the most massive plywood manufacturing units in South India, Krishna Plywoods is already a big name in the plywood manufacturing industry.

5 Apex Match Consortium India Private Ltd

One of the best matchstick manufacturing companies in India, The Apex Match Consortium India Private Ltd is also a big name in the plywood industry. Based out of Madurai, Tamil Nadu, the company was established in the year 2005 to further the developments in the safety match manufacturing industry. Moreover, the premium plywood products offered by the company come with ISO 99902008 certification. Its product portfolio includes coir plywood, bristle fibers, coconut fibers etc. among several others.

If you are looking forward to employing plywood sheets, say, for  making partition walls in your house or furniture besides shutters and flooring systems, it is important to choose your plywood sheets from renowned manufacturers only. After all, nobody wants to compromise with the quality of their construction, no matter the cost.


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