These new trends in architecture are gracing sheets of Architect Builder!

These new trends in architecture are gracing sheets of Architect Builder!


There is a human tendency that makes us seek novelties time after time. Put something before us long enough, and we might turn our faces somewhere to seek anything new. This very human tendency calls for our creativity to come and create. We see trends for this very reason. When it comes to architecture, says Radvi, architect builder tries bringing novelty in this field. The giant structures back in the 1950s are not as same as these we see around now. Time changes and demands adjustments. Look at the green apartments of Singapore and you’ll get a glimpse of future. Thus we help you to know more about the possible future trends in architecture.

The possible trends in architecture building:

Some trends arrive for the sake of novelty, and some trends arrive for the demands of the time. Consider this climate change for example. Now when concerns are making people fall anxious about the possible threats around climate, technology is coming at the rescue. Apartments such as Helico sky-Rise and EDEN apartments in Singapore are standing tall as the idol structures for the future. We will see an evermore increase in such apartments by the passage of time. Similarly, here we put before you some other trends that you might see and could even consider for yourself too in the future.

The green rooftops:

You might want to have one for yourself after having a look at one. These are rooftops turned into gardens. People grow vegetables, flowers, herbs, or anything of comfort to their senses. Their history goes long back to ancient times. However, the modern-day rooftops are seeing a surge since some 1983. As per Radvi, architect builder might help you install one. But ask for the same beforehand to avoid any troubles.

The usual drawbacks are the insects it might attract in certain seasons. But there are ways to take care of these tiny issues. Your architect builder might also suggest to you about the possible weight that the building would be able to hold. Consider that advice.

The movable architecture:

This is the epitome of technology and humans. These structures would simply take away the hassle of demolition and cleaning off. It is not only eco-friendly, but pocket-friendly too. Another dynamic of it is using movable building parts to create structure in days out of nowhere. It is like a giant set of Lego.

While it may be too costly for a residential apartment, it surely will see a rise in high-rise apartments and office structures.

Eco-friendly apartments:

Structures like Helico sky-Rise and EDEN apartments in Singapore are the need of this hour. The ever-increasing human load needs to be contained, and this, for now, seems to be the solution. BCA Singapore provides Green-Marks to such structures. This is slowly gaining fame in the world around and the government is considering it too. In India, the IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) rating has become the first-ever rating program to promote eco-friendliness. Any modern-day architecture will now promote this novel trend too.

In countries like India, considering the huge population, these eco-friendly apartments is not only the need, but it might actually get fame way beyond. You might consider turning your luxurious villa into one and even get a green rooftop done. Greenery does not only bring calm to our minds, but it is crucial for our health too. Contemporary society is seeing a huge flux away from nature, and this might prove to be the homecoming.

Multi-Family apartments:

The idea of many generations living together was favored for long back. But in the last century, the Indian dream of having a sole home has seen some rise. The joint family had always been a sign of Indian culture. But these few decades have seen something otherwise. The multi-family apartment might soon see a rise in the urban world. This type of architecture building, where different generations would be living on different floors in the same apartment, will see a rise.

3-D printed structures:

Says Radvi, architect builder of the modern world is making full use of technology. The 3-D printers which were helping people make smaller structures a while back, they are now making giant structures. Artists are using it to create complex shapes which otherwise were a task of many hands and much time.

C3DP (Construction 3-D Printing), or 3DCP, is the use of technology to facilitate buildings in the construction. The 3D Print Canal House in Amsterdam became the first residential home to be made using 3-D in Europe. India too is taking this revolution within its boundaries. IIT-Madras saw Tvasts’s first single floored 3-D printed home. If you too seek such a structure, ask the local architecture to know more about it.

Minimalism in the design:

Minimalism had always been a part of Indian philosophy and tradition until the western idea of consumerism kicked in. People want to collect more and more often in search of joy, but end up in the terrible loop of seeking furthermore. Minimalism is now gaining popularity again. Soothing color patterns, minimal design structure, and simple design are giving people spiritual goals. Any modern-day architecture will surely suggest to you about it.

Creating theme-based homes:

You might surely have seen some theme-based cafes, but what about theme-based homes? People are trying to shape their passion into the home structure. For e.g., there is a surge in home depicting the lifestyle of a writer, or industrial style architecture. Why don’t you try shaping your home as something you are passionate about?

Bringing automation technology inside:

This trend is about to become the norm in the coming days. The biggest benefit that homes have gotten from technology is automation. Automated lights, gates, taps, gadgets, alarms, shutters, cars, windows, and whatnot, are helping people getting eased (with the space of manual takeover of course).

The Home-Automation industry is on a rise giving dreams of smart homes to the people. The IoT, or the Internet of Things, will be the turning point in this technology. According to Radvi, architect builder these days are suggesting people to automate their homes. It does not only add a sense of advancement but a sense of security alongside too.

Local trends in architecture, your architect builder, and you!

Although you might surely not look for mobile structures, there are other things that you can consider. Consider making your home eco-friendly as much as possible. This will put you as a leader of thought around your neighborhood. Technology is changing at some pace and it might become harder for you to keep a hold. However, minimalism has nothing to do with technology and you can always go for the one. Many great artists prefer a distraction-free surrounding to keep their minds focused.

Ask your architecture to know more about any other possible trends which might happen in times around. A good architect will surely update you with everything at hand and guide you in considering your needs and the budget.


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