Unpacking the Secrets: How We Simplify Your Moving Process

Unpacking the Secrets: How We Simplify Your Moving Process


Moving will always be part of your life. Regardless of whether you are doing so for the 1st or 10th time, moving can notoriously be stressful even among the best planners like us.

However, several helpful moving approaches may help you minimize the amount of time and work it will take to unpack after reaching your new home. Some of these are:

1. Hire a Professional Moving Company

Ask for 2-3 quotes from a reliable moving company within your area. You should check their reviews on Google.

Some movers offer incentives even for new clients, whereas others, like BRS Moving, guarantee the safe transport of fragile belongings. It is also essential to ask your movers whether they help clients to unpack belongings.

2.  Invest in the Right Equipment

Several days before your move, consider stocking up on the necessary supplies. You wouldn’t want to rush to the store when packing your belongings.

Purchase or order garbage bags, paper towels, packing tape, permanent markers, adhesive bandages, and box cutters. For bigger moving equipment, opt to rent moving tools from movers.

3. Downsize and Declutter

Before your move, take your time to determine what clutters your space. It is essential to trim down your things to make your move and unpacking experience a breeze.

To make this better, first identify things you don’t use anymore, such as clothes or appliances. Secondly, discard, donate, or sell your belongings which don’t cut. Also, aim for a few belongings to pack. This can make your move more manageable and more straightforward.

4. Pack Your Boxes in Layers

No one among your friends knows the difference between cooking tools and baking tools better than you. However, this doesn’t mean unpacking your kitchen should fall to you.

So, when packing the contents of your kitchen drawers or desk, pack boxes in layers. Put pieces of cardboard and other packing materials between every layer. This will keep things ready to unpack and every drawer separate.

5. Begin with the Essentials

Unpack boxes with essentials. This must be among the first boxes to unpack when you reach your new home. Some of the essentials to include in those boxes may include a phone, computer, necessary paperwork, books, chargers, basic toiletries, and medications, to name a few.

6. Assemble the Furniture

Before you dig into small boxes, have appliances and furniture assembled first. Having beds, tables, and shelves put together makes it much easier to put small items in their respective places. It also enables you to visualize your new home.

7. Have a Plan

Moving is a stressful process, but like everything in life, a good plan can help make things run smoothly. Determine which date to close on the new home, get to know when to get the keys, ensure the house is adequately insured, and rally up family members or friends to give you a hand.

Final Touches

Moving can be strenuous, especially if you don’t have a good plan for the unpacking process. However, with these tips from the pros, you can simplify the entire process, from packing, loading, transporting, and unloading to unpacking.


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