Want A Beautiful Lawn? Apply These Tips

Want A Beautiful Lawn? Apply These Tips


If you are one of those people who believe that the neighbor’s lawn is greener and that, in your case, is not only literal but accurate, do not envy your neighbor’s property. Here we tell you how to make yours beautiful.

Like almost all plants on this planet, the natural grass needs good care to give the best of itself. But that’s not all; another significant factor to consider is the climatic zone in which we will plant our lawn.

In general, the variety of natural grass that we want to install will depend on a series of factors that, in the long run, will determine the excellent state of our lawn.

It is not the same to buy a mixture of seeds or a sod for the swimming pool than to transform my garden into a green sanctuary to admire it or make it look green all year round and use it for anything, barbecues, dinners, lunches, meetings, etc.

To put grass near the pools, we will have to choose between natural or artificial grass. Artificial grass is only for comfort, but it will be a pity because it takes away the grace both in touch, color, and smell. Besides, they are boiling and are a breeding ground for bacteria.

Those looking to put a real natural grass will gain freshness, comfort for its pleasant touch, hygiene (nothing accumulates because the soil filters everything), and many more.

If we are looking to put natural grass in our pool, we must be clear that maintenance is critical. But we can choose a variety of grass that does not need much care.

Your grass will have to fulfill several criteria: resistant to the footprints, to the chlorine, to the cruelties of the time as much in winter as in summer, and that it is pleasant to the touch when we step on it. As there is no such variety with all these characteristics (perhaps genetic engineering will achieve it), the best is to choose a mixture of seeds that support each other in their weaknesses.

If instead, you want your garden to be a decorative element, you want it to be green all year round, but without the right tools and proper maintenance, it can be a complex undertaking.

The time we will have to spend to reach this goal is medium-high and will depend mainly on the soil’s quality, the irrigation we give, and the number of times we cut the lawn.

Look for grass varieties with wonderful dense, dense leaves that complement each other and create a perfect symbiosis between them to withstand high temperatures and environments rich in salt, as is the case of coastal climates.

Suppose the idea of using turf treatment in New Jersey and committing to the maintenance required is slavish. In that case, you can look for a lawn that is ideal for personal use, that is, a property for the whole family to move around on, to lie on, for the kids to get into mischief. And you won’t have too much time to devote to it, because the family comes first. It has to be hardy; choose Poas and the more vigorous varieties of Agrostis.

We have already talked about the types of grass you can choose, but there are more things to take into account because depending on the varieties of grass, the types of natural grass, you have to act in one way or another at the time of sowing, and also the care required by the green. Not all raw grass seeds require the same care and maintenance as others; avoid cold and heat when sowing, i.e., spring and early autumn are, depending on where you live, the best times.

Prepare the soil well, aerate it, choose a good turf treatment in New Jersey before sowing. Take into account the hours of sunshine your garden receives. Do not rush: give it time to sprout. An excellent hardy lawn, the one you have chosen, also needs time before you walk on it. You have to adapt your care to the kind of seed you have chosen.


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