Ways to make your NYC rental feel like home

Ways to make your NYC rental feel like home


Life in a big city, especially as big as NYC, comes with a lot of challenges. One of the toughest hardships you’ll have to endure is feeling lonely and out of place. Although it sounds a bit strange, this is a very common thing for places that are swarming with people. For this particular reason, it’s a good idea to create a safe, warm, and loving space where you’ll always feel welcome. Even though it’s a common misconception that you need to own a property for it to feel like yours, we’re come up with different ways to make your NYC rental feel like home.

Fix anything that needs it

Before you even move into your new home, you’ll need to see whether it’s a safe space. Improving your home and fixing anything that needs it doesn’t sound like all that much at first. However, once you put some time and effort into your new place, it won’t feel so new anymore. You’ll not only get your home move-in-ready but you’ll also come a bit closer to accepting it as your new place.

Cleaning is a must

One of the steps in the process of making your NYC rental feel like home that’ll surely work for everyone is cleaning. There’s really nothing that’ll make your place feel more yours than spending some time there and doing things your way. You should do this as soon as you know where you’ll be moving. This way, you’ll prepare the space for all your items that’ll arrive soon and you won’t have as much work later on.

Move into your new place with a bang

The act of relocation alone can make or break whether you’ll make your NYC rental feel like home or not. Getting excited and being positive about the upcoming moving process is truly important. Of course, residential moving isn’t something that people usually find greatly enjoyable. However, if you make it simple and efficient enough, there’s no reason why it can’t be.

Bring some life into your new home

Moving into your new home will be over before you know it. Once you’ve moved in and settled a bit, you can start thinking about the ways you can make your rental in NYC feel like home. Here are some ideas:

  • Throw a housewarming party Inviting your favorite people over and having some fun is a great way to experience your home in a completely new light.
  • Cook your favorite meal Picking a meal that your mom or grandma used to make back in the day is a sure-fire way to create a homey feel in your new place.
  • Have some me-time If you’re not really up for company or energetic activities, you can always just have a pamper night and watch a movie all by yourself.

Make your interior personal

Sooner than you think, the time will come for you to decorate your place. Make sure to do it right. Don’t simply succumb to the pressure and do what everyone else does. Although it’s great to follow some simple and classic interior design rules, you should be able to feel your own style all throughout your home. If you like colors, don’t be afraid to play around with them. If your favorite flower is in season right now, fill your place up with it. It’s your home and you can do whatever you please.

Hire help if you don’t know where to start

Of course, if you’re not someone who enjoys dedicating their free time to interior design and would rather focus your energy on something else, hire professional interior designers by all means. Make sure to communicate your preferences and what you like, and they’ll know exactly what to do about it.

A minimalistic approach might be necessary

As you know, apartments in NYC are quite tiny. Living in a small space can be challenging in many ways. In order to make your NYC rental feel like home and not like a cluttered mess, you might need to say goodbye to some items. If you don’t want to throw out some of your fave things but don’t have the space for them, storage is always a good option. Finding safe storage units at a convenient location can be a bit tricky. Make sure to contact TB Moving & Storage in case you need advice on how to do this.

Scents bring back memories

As you’re probably aware, something that often makes us reminisce and recall old memories is our sense of smell. Why not use this to your advantage? We’ve already mentioned preparing some of your favorite childhood meals, which is a great idea. However, you can also purchase candles with familiar scents or find the exact laundry soap your mom used to use.

Additional items that’ll make your NYC rental feel like home

Finally, try to find items that won’t only make your house look amazing, but will also make it feel cozy and warm. These are often the attributes that we use to describe our childhood homes.

  • Candles and lighting Nothing creates a cozy atmosphere like setting the right kind of tome with lighting. Make sure that you’re keeping your home as safe as possible and that you’re placing the candles out of reach if you have children.
  • Photos and other sentimental items Decorating your NYC rental with pictures and photos of your friends and family can be a great way to make it feel yours. You can also bring some of your favorite sentimental items from your old home for the same effect.
  • Splash of color Although not a single item per se, not being afraid to use colors in your place will help you make your NYC rental feel like home. Don’t overdo it, but make sure that your favorite colors are there to accentuate the otherwise balanced space. Pillows and duvets are great for this sort of thing.

Meta: In order to make your NYC rental feel like home, you have to give it some thought and have a few solid tips. Luckily, we’ve got you.


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