What Is An Open Closed Bushing?

What Is An Open Closed Bushing?



When it comes to connecting two tubes there are many different types of ways to do it. One of these ways is an open closed bushing. Open closed bushings are what you typically see in the healthcare industry. When you see two tubes connected together, one tube into the side of a second tube to make three ends to the tubing. That is an open closed bushing. There are many uses for open closed bushings and there are many places to purchase them. Along with that, the cost of open closed bushings can vary widely. They can be found in many different applications and products. Read on for more facts on open closed bushings.

What is an Open Closed Bushing?

An open closed bushing is the plastic piece that connects two pieces of tubing. The open closed bushing is used in tons of different applications. The most used place that you will see open closed bushings is in the automobile application. However, they are all around. If you look around your home you will most likely find one. They can be used in the home industry, automobile industry, health care industry and the laboratory industry. Only to name a few.

Where Can You Purchase Them?

Open closed bushings can be purchased from many open closed bushing distributors. Hayco is one of the most common distributors. They offer many different sizes and types of open closed bushings. They offer products for many different applications. Advance components is also a very common place known as an open closed bushing distributor. They can also be found in more common places such as Amazon. They can also be ordered from most auto parts stores.

What Types Are There?

The types vary on the industry that you are going to use the bushing for. The distributor that you choose will also vary based on your industry. When you are purchasing for your car then you may just use a parts store. Also, the open closed bushing may be constructed differently based on the use. It may be completely constructed from rubber. Or the bushing may have a steel ring on the outside.

Within Products

Open closed bushings are most commonly purchased within products. Especially in the healthcare industry, it is unlikely that you will purchase a basic open closed bushing. Open closed bushings are found within many different products such as car parts and healthcare parts. Open closed bushings are also well known for being in electronic uses. Power cords and computer cables both utilize open closed bushings. Another common open closed bushing can appear on computer desks. The plastic piece that fits in the hole where the computer cords fit. There is typically a plastic piece that also opens or closes depending on whether or not you need it for cords.

What Do They Cost?

The cost of open closed bushings can range from a few dollars to twenty dollars depending on the size and type. The cost of open closed bushings varies widely depending on the use. If it has any metal on the open closed bushing then that will typically raise the price on the bushing. Along with that, if you are purchasing it for the automobile industry it will be significantly cheaper than for the healthcare industry. But overall, open closed bushings are not super expensive.


In the end, there are many distributors that sell many different types of bushings depending on the application. Open closed bushings are very commonly seen in the home and automobile industries. With the healthcare industry also a very common place that they are seen. Open closed bushings are typically made from rubber.


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