Who Is Responsible for Hiring a Death Scene Cleanup Service? And Other Important Questions

Who Is Responsible for Hiring a Death Scene Cleanup Service? And Other Important Questions


When someone dies at home, a death scene cleanup service is usually required in order for the home to return to its previous state before the death occurred. A cleanup service is essential due to the potential for bio-hazards and other concerns associated with a death scene. The following are some important questions–and answers–that people should know about cleanup services for death scenes.

Who is responsible for hiring a death scene cleanup service?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not the responsibility of responding police officers, coroner’s offices, or other agencies to clean up a death scene. In cases where the property is owned by a living individual, it is the responsibility of the property owner to clean up the death scene. In cases where the deceased is a property owner, it is the responsibility of their next of kin or family to clean up the death scene.

In either case, it is recommended that you hire a death scene clean-up service rather than attempt to clean it up yourself.

Why do you need a death scene professionally cleaned?

Professional cleaning is essential for any space which is the scene of a death. this is because a death can cause a variety of issues, including: creation of hazardous materials and waste, staining and odors, and damage to a home’s interior or possessions.

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Professional cleaning and essential because cleaning up a death scene is a difficult, emotionally and physically arduous task. There are many different stages required to clean up a death scene, particularly in cases where a death has gone unreported for longer than a day or two. It will likely be traumatic for any loved ones or family members to clean up a scene where blood, human waste and other substances are present. Hiring a professional cleanup service will allow family members and loved ones to avoid this trauma.

What are the risk factors associated with death scenes?

The scene of a death can present certain risk factors, especially if the death scene was unreported or unknown for a lengthy period of time. In some cases, hazardous material can be transmitted to other areas of the home or building; for instance, there have been cases where bodily fluids leaked down into lower levels of apartment buildings, which caused hazardous circumstances for other residents. Risk factors associated with death scenes include a higher risk for exposure to certain diseases, as well as risks for contamination in the air or on surfaces.

How much does death scene cleanup cost?

The price for death scene clean-up services will vary from company to company. It will typically cost a few hundred dollars for a standard death scene cleanup. However, this will depend on the nature of the death scene, as well as the amount of area that needs to be cleaned–and other factors, such as how long the death was unreported or whether or not the scene requires object restoration.

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If you plan on hiring a death scene cleanup service, remember to keep the above questions and answers in mind.


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