Why HOA Management is Important to the Community

Why HOA Management is Important to the Community


The individual or entity that usually forms the HOA is the builder of the condominiums. The association is generally made up of volunteers. Once the HOA is set up, the families that are interested in living there will need to sign up for it.

Membership is typically a requirement prior to residing in a condominium or townhouse community. When becoming a member, the homeowners should look forward to abiding by the rules of the community. The rules and laws are designed to keep up the community.

HOA Fees and What are They Used For?

For example, one rule may be to preserve the uniformity of the look of each yard or condo patio. In most communities, uniformity, and cleanliness is a big issue. Fees are collected from each member, either yearly or semi-annually for maintenance. It is vital that the association delegate the funds in a prudent manner. The homeowners association San Antonio knows that its residents work hard for their money and take it seriously when putting it to use.

The bookkeeper will use the money for repairs in the community. Common smaller use of the funds may go to insurance, janitorial serves, operational expenses, etc. There also has to be funds saved for emergency repairs. The money saved for such repairs is placed in a reserve fund. A reserve fund is designed specifically for the purpose of larger expenses, such as roof repair, etc.

Special Assessment Fees

Routine inspections take place often in the community. Professional contractors can identify when a problem is looming and give the homeowners association a recommended amount of time, in which to take care of the issue. So it’s up to the bookkeeper of the association to begin saving up for the expense. For example, the carpet in the clubhouse may need to be removed and replaced with new carpet. Or the patio furniture in the pool area may soon need to change.

It may take a couple of years to save up the money, but eventually, the repair will need to be taken care of. In many cases, the association may require homeowners to pay an extra one-time cost. This extra fee is called a special assessment fee. The homeowners association San Antonio takes a profound interest in keeping special assessment fees to a minimum while at the same time keeping the property top notch.

It is very important for a homeowner’s association to keep excellent insurance coverage on the property. There are many different types of insurance coverage, the association may need to have an insurance adviser available to answer questions. Having a lack of insurance during a flood, fire or other disasters can be very costly for the community. If a good amount of damage is done, without the proper insurance, the community be required to pay for it.

When a homeowner is considering moving into a community, it may be a good idea to ask about the age of the pool, gym equipment, etc. If the pool appears to need repairs and/or if the gym equipment is quite old, a special assessment fee may be around the corner for the homeowners. In some cases, as not to burden the homeowner a special assessment may be required twice or three times a year.

Depending on how badly the community needs to be repaired, the association will need to determine how much to ask from its residents and when. Finding out if the association has been responsible when it comes to delegating community funds is crucial. Talking to current residents and observing the condition of the roofs of the condos, the carpet in the clubhouse, etc is very advisable before signing your name on the dotted line.


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