Window Hardware to Consider Investing in

Window Hardware to Consider Investing in


Whether it’s for protection against the elements or boosting home security, windows and window accessories (aka hardware) are important to think about, yet often overlooked.

In fact, a lot of window hardware can be added to existing windows, so you don’t need to worry about spending massive amounts of money fully replacing all the windows in your house.

There are many benefits to investing in your windows, even with a few simple adjustments, and this guide may inspire you to do just that.

Gaskets and Seals

If you have double glazing, which is likely as single glazing is quite rare these days, you can invest in gaskets to seal your windows. A gasket is a relatively thin strip of black or white rubber that is applied between two surface areas to create a barrier.

This gasket will keep the window sash in place when it’s fitted to the frame and provide a weatherproof seal.

By using this gasket as a seal on your windows, you will:

  • Stop rain/water getting into your windows
  • Preventing moisture getting in will prevent risk of mould
  • Insulate your house, keeping it warmer and saving on heating bills
  • Insulation also keeps hot air out in the summer, keeping you cool
  • It will also keep bugs and creepy crawlies out
  • The seal will prevent whistling winds and draughts blowing through your home
  • The seal also acts as cushioning for sound and vibration reduction
  • Vibration reduction will protect your windows
  • Sound reduction will keep outside noise out and inside noise more private

Window Handles

Another solution for if you’re looking into improving your windows without replacing them entirely; you may want to update your window handles.

Different types of handles fit different types of windows, so you’ll need to identify what type of window you have and exactly what you need handle-wise.

Improving your window handles may improve your security, as an older handle may be susceptible to breaking or falling off entirely!

One particular type of window handle is the tilt and turn. With these types of handles, you can lock on a tilt and turn basis- down means locked, 90°for tilting and straight up to open the window fully. A lot of these work without keys but there are variations with keys, depending on your preference.

If keys are your preference,a lot of window handles will also need specific keys…

Window Handle Keys

With every type of window handle comes a specific type of key for it. Most manufacturers stamp a serial number on to the key to help identify it. If you’ve lost a key, suppliers like DG Supplylinecan identify what key you’ll need if you email them a picture of your existing handle.

Window handle keys come in various shapes and sizes. There are T-shapes, prongs, Allen keys, gun shaped keys and keys for certain needs, such as a child restrictor key which is ideal for safety if you have young children in the house.

Window handle keys are small and easily misplaced, if you find yourself without a window key you can always order yourself a window handle key kit for a full set of replacements to keep track of.

These key kits come labelled to spare any confusion. Living with a lost key and not being able to open or lock your window could be both a security risk for keeping burglars out and a safety risk for the rare but possible occasion of needing to make an emergency exit. It’s also a health risk as we all need some ventilation and fresh air circulating in our houses now and then.

Automatic Window Openers

If you’re feeling extra fancy you can invest in automatic window openers to add a smart house touch to your home. These rectangular devices can be fitted to your windows which are then opened and closed via a chain that is controlled via a remote for ultra-convenience; in bed but too cold to get out and shut the window? Keep your remote control on your bedside table and stay cosy the entire time.

Other Hardware

There are lots of different types of hardware for windows that can make a small or big difference. A spiral balance for example, keeps a window that you slide up to open held in place, so it won’t fall down. If you have a window that’s supposed to slide up, but keeps dropping, you may need a new one of these.

Depending on what you want to do with your existing windows and the type of windows you have, there are many pieces of hardware that are worth investing in. Find a good supplier that specialises in windows and hardware to see what you need; you may even find something you never knew you wanted.


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