6 Stages A Multi-Stage Shower Filter Uses To Beat Hardness And Make It Safe

6 Stages A Multi-Stage Shower Filter Uses To Beat Hardness And Make It Safe


Removing hardness in shower water is a significant step towards having a relaxed shower experience and maintaining healthy skin and hair. However, it’s hard to get it right without the appropriate showerhead filter. Hard water can form scum that builds up in your pipes, affecting your skin and hair when you shower. Hence, installing showerhead multi-stage filters is crucial to removing these minerals from your water and making the water soft.

These are the stages of the filtration process.

1. Removing Chlorine

Removing chlorine is an essential step in beating the nasty hard shower water. Removing chlorine from your shower water makes it friendly to your skin and removes the unbearable smell of chlorine from your shower water. Chlorine-free shower water is gentle on your skin. Multi-stage filters may use various components to beat hard shower water, such as KDF 55, activated carbon, calcium sulfite balls, and ceramic beads.

A hard water filter shower head may use reverse osmosis to eliminate chlorine and fluorine. However, it’s important to note that not all showerhead filters can eliminate chlorine from your shower water. Hence, choose a shower head filter that can remove chlorine from your water if you need to, such as Aqua Bliss filters.

2. Removing Calcium From Water

High calcium levels in water cause hard water problems like calcium building up in hair and bath surfaces. They also contribute to clogged pipes and faucets, causing hydraulic restriction for water flow. A multi-stage filter is the most economical and effective way to deal with hard water issues. KDF filters and activated carbon form a natural way of reducing or removing dissolved calcium ions from hard shower water up to well above 99%. With the mineral ions eliminated from your water, you will find fewer hard deposits and scale build-up in your shower.

3. Removing Heavy Metals Such As Zinc

After removing chlorine and calcium, a multi-stage shower head filter can remove heavy metals like iron, magnesium, zinc, magnesium, and manganese from the water. The third step to remove hardness from shower water is the adsorption of heavy metals. The adsorption process can remove heavy metals that distillation or filtration cannot remove.

The traces of heavy metals in your water shower water can quickly destroy your skin, hair, and scalp. A multi-stage showerhead filter uses a KDF filter that removes sediments, metals like lead and copper, bacteria, chlorine, and bad smells.

4. Removal of Harmful Chemicals

Chemical removal is crucial for efficient shower water filtration because it treats ions and molecules via a chemical reaction. Suppose you find excessive limescale, streaks of black here and there, or even bubbles in the shower water.

In that case, it’s a sign you need a quality showerhead filter with capabilities of chemical removal such as the Aqua Elegante filter to fix these problems. Calcium sulfite and activated carbon layers effectively remove most chemicals from your shower water.

5. Removal of Odor

The odor removal stage involves the installation of black parts called Black Diamond. These thick and heavy molds will absorb the smell out of the water and will leave it with a neutral scent. The air inside these parts contains specific materials to neutralize the chlorine odor and other odors emitted by the hard water and remove it. The black part is PP cotton that acts like a sponge that absorbs chlorine odor. When PP-cotton saturates, you have to replace it with a new one.

6. Removal of Bacteria and Other Pathogens

The ability of shower head filters to kill micro and macro-organisms out of your shower water is crucial in ensuring you maintain healthy body skin. Healthy water is essential for your whole family. Your shower water should be free from pathogens, chlorine, and soap scum to keep it safe for every family member, including young children.

Pathogens such as mold, bacteria, and algae can cause significant health problems, including skin problems. Hence installing quality shower head filters will help keep your skin healthy.


Showerheads are an essential part of present-day bathrooms. It gives us a feeling of relaxation after a tiring day at work. Most people like to take long showers, which is only possible with the help of a good shower head fitted with a quality filter that can easily beat hard shower water. The process of filtering your water should not be an option but an obligation to protect yourself from harmful chemicals like chlorine and fluoride in your shower water. You can contact Shower Meister for all your information needs on Shower Heads and filters.


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