5 Types of Tapware Every Homeowner Needs

5 Types of Tapware Every Homeowner Needs


Choosing which type of faucet to install in your home can be overwhelming because of the numerous options available. Here, we’ll go over the most popular and functional styles and discuss their features, benefits, and drawbacks so you can make an informed decision as you look to replace an existing tap or install a new one altogether.

1. Bathtub Faucet

The bathtub faucet is one of the important fixtures in the bathroom. It controls your water temperature and flows, so you want to ensure it’s installed correctly and meets your needs. Depending on where you live, you might need a low-flow or high-flow bathtub faucet. Low-flow faucets are better for areas with higher water scarcity and drought rates, while high-flow models are best for areas with plenty of water sources nearby.

2. Pull Out Sprayers

Pull-out sprayers are a must-have when it comes to kitchen sinks. Not only do they give you a more powerful stream, but they also make it easier to rinse dishes and utensils by hand. In addition to their convenience, pull-out sprayers areĀ quality tapware that can last for decades and are also surprisingly affordable. They are ideal for any household with a dishwasher because they reduce the time spent scrubbing off stubborn food from pots and pans.

They offer the best cleaning power for the least effort and are perfect for those with back problems or difficulty bending down. If you plan on installing a double sink, there’s no need to worry about how much space is available below the sink; these faucets have enough clearance to slide in on either side without any trouble.

3. Kitchen Mixer

A kitchen tap mixer is a kitchen appliance that can mix hot and cold water. It is an essential appliance in every home. You can turn the handle on the tap from left to right, changing the direction in which water flows from the spout. You can also control the water temperature by rotating it clockwise or counterclockwise. A kitchen sink mixer connects the hot and cold supply pipes with the drain pipe under your sink. The two supplies feed through a mixing chamber, where they mix before traveling down to your dishwasher or washing machine.

4. Outdoor Spigot

You’ll need outdoor tapware if you want to use your hose outside. These are typically on the front or side of the house, and you can purchase them at any home improvement store. They come in different styles and materials, but the two most common types are copper spigots and plastic spigots. Copper taps are generally more expensive but often last longer than their plastic counterparts. Stainless steel garden faucets are also a good choiceoutdoors because these faucets offer corrosionresistance for exterior environments. In addition, a stainless steel faucet has a better water flow rate than a copper or plastic faucet.

5. Laundry Tapware

Homeowners should install a laundry tap in the laundry room. That will allow them to quickly and conveniently switch between hot and cold water for their various cleaning needs. Whether you prefer pillar taps, wall-mounted faucets, or mixers, you will find a suitable laundry tap for your needs. However, ensure you install a strong and durable laundry tap because they will get a lot of use! You might want to consider installing a low-profile design, so it doesn’t block any doorways.


If you are searching for a way to improve the flow of your kitchen or bathroom, adding new tapware is a great place to start. A functional, quality and aesthetically pleasing kitchen sink faucet can drastically change the feel of any home. Explore your options before deciding on one type of faucet over another! However, identifying a reputable store is crucial to ensure you get what you want.


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