6 Unique Wall Sticker Ideas For The Bedroom

6 Unique Wall Sticker Ideas For The Bedroom


Redecorating your walls with a new paint colour or a new wallpaper design can be a tedious process since it requires time, effort, and skilled labour. Once a paint colour or wallpaper is applied to your walls, it usually isn’t changed for at least a few years. On the other hand, home decor stickers are becoming a popular choice to decorate the walls of a house due to their ease of application and mobility.

If you are looking to add a unique aesthetic appeal to your bedroom without any hassle, then using bedroom wall stickers is your best option. The most important benefit of using home decor stickers is that they can be applied and removed easily at your command. You can give an interesting makeover to your walls every year by using different wall stickers that can be easily applied without the need of changing the colours of the walls.

Wall stickers are similar to selfadhesive wallpapers with the added benefit of ease of application and removal. You can give an engrossing makeover to your bedroom by selecting the perfect wall stickers that will make your walls stand out. Here’s a look at 7 unique bedroom wall stickers that you can use in your bedroom.

Flowers or Trees Wall Stickers for Bedroom

Using wall stickers with a design of flowers or trees can create an illusion of nature in your bedroom. You can select either a design of trees or flowers for the wall sticker to create a refreshing look of nature in your bedroom. You can complement the wall sticker design with bedroom décor or apply the wall sticker at an empty corner to provide depth.

Abstract Wall Stickers for a Modern Design

Bedroom wall stickers with an abstract design theme are a perfect fit for modern bedrooms. You can dedicate a single bedroom wall to an abstract wall sticker and apply it in place of your artwork. The abstract wall sticker will stimulate your visual senses while providing an artistic appeal to your bedroom. Use an accent light to highlight the wall sticker thereby creating a unique design.

Animal or Cartoon Wall Stickers for Kids

Using creative animal or cartoon wall stickers can give a vibrant and warm feeling to a kid’s bedroom. Kids need a colourful and comforting space to stimulate their imagination and creativity. These animal or cartoon wall stickers can make the boring walls of your kid’s bedroom lively and beautiful.

Mandala Art Wall Stickers for Bedroom

Mandala art provides a mesmerizing design of geometric configurations that can be used to provide a feeling of symmetry in your bedroom. Mandala wall stickers can be used to create a traditional and regal vibe in your bedroom with a stunning display of visuals. You can apply the mandala wall sticker just above your bed to add a splendid look to your bedroom

3D Wall Stickers for Bedroom

3D wall stickers can create an outstanding look in your bedroom with the help of visual illusions. Innovative 3D wall stickers can be used to complement the decor in your bedroom or highlight a stand-alone accent wall. Moreover, applying a 3D wall sticker can give a visually appealing makeover to your bedroom.

Complete Wall Stickers for Bedroom Walls

You can apply a full-feature wall sticker that will cover an entire wall to give the effect of self adhesive wallpapers. The only difference will be that you can change your wall design with the wall sticker at your command with ease. Select an appropriate wall sticker to cover an entire wall that will complement the decor and wall colour of your bedroom. You can also select a wall sticker design to cover the back wall of your bed.

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