6 Ways To Maintain Your Home and Yard

6 Ways To Maintain Your Home and Yard


Owning your home brings added responsibilities. Here are six items you might consider adding to your checklist.

1. Check Your HVAC System

Having your air conditioner go out in the middle of the summer could be awful, but having your furnace stop working in the middle of the winter would be even worse. Make sure to regularly change your filter and have a technician come and inspect your HVAC system once or twice per year. Regular maintenance can ensure your comfort throughout the seasons.

2. Keep the Critters Away

Regular inspections and treatments for all kinds of pests are another way to prevent a problem down the road. No one wants termites, rodents, roaches or ants in their home. And no one wants mosquitos and other pests hanging out on the lawn, either. Contact one of the Cape Coral pest control companies to schedule an inspection. From there you can set up quarterly treatments of your home and yard.

3. Maintain Your Flower Beds and Garden

If you plant perennial flowers and shrubs, you won’t need to purchase new foliage every year. However, you need to clean out weeds and loosen the soil on a regular basis. If you have a section to grow some tomatoes, lettuce and basil, you can enjoy fresh salads from your garden all summer. At the end of the growing season, prepare for next year by removing dead plants and cleaning up other debris.

4. Test Your Alarms

Hopefully, you have security cameras, carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms. Many alarms are wired and don’t need batteries. However, you should still check to make sure they are working as they are meant to. Set an easy date to remember, like the first day of each month.

5. Fill the Cracks in Your Concrete

If you live in a climate that has hot summers, you might notice some cracks in your driveway or sidewalks. Just like your windshield, it is better to take care of this issue before it gets worse. In addition to preventing further damage, your home will be more appealing without the cracks.

6. Clean Your Home Exterior

Have a schedule to wash your windows and exterior in the spring and in the fall. If you have siding, then a hose or power washer can be all you need. Be careful with the settings so you don’t cause damage or peel off the paint. You can use a large broom to sweep cobwebs off of stucco and brick exteriors. While you are at it, clean out those rain gutters and check your downspouts.

Doing these few maintenance items can keep your home safe and beautiful.


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