Knowing the Different Uses of Temporary Construction Fences

Knowing the Different Uses of Temporary Construction Fences


Being in the construction industry means you are liable for everything. You have to protect not only your employees but also the people around the site. You don’t want to be held liable while you’re doing your job just because a person wants to sneak in and loiter around your construction site. Some would even vandalize your property, which could result in thousands of dollars in damages. In addition, you will have to spend more just to repair whatever they broke. That’s why you need to use a temporary construction fence all the time, especially on big projects.

Aside from protecting your business, you also have to increase the safety of your workers. And a temporary construction fence can give them that peace of mind. So depending on your project, there are many kinds of construction fences you can choose from. You can check them out here to see which one is perfect for your next construction project. Whether it’s big or small, a temporary fence is essential.

In-Ground or Pounded Post Chain Link Fence

These are a much safer option if you want to secure the whole perimeter of your construction site. A post chain link fence with poles is pounded onto the ground for support, making it even sturdier and durable. You can enhance it and make it more secure, depending on your specifications. And Aqua Blu Services is one of the best in San Antonio to provide rental fences made from lightweight, high-strength steel. There are also add-ons, which enhance the look of your steel fences, such as barb wires. It’s a trouble-free solution because you can have it installed on various surfaces, like sand, soil, asphalt, and concrete.

Panel Fences

Panel fences are a mobile solution, especially for construction projects or big events. These are made with a steel chain link, which you can easily install, place, move and reconfigure in just a few minutes. They are available in different sizes and come with a dust screen together with swing or sliding gates. There are also T-Stands and sandbags for added support. These are also durable and can provide privacy for your construction project. You wouldn’t want people to peep in, especially if the project is made for a surprise. Aside from that, you can also use these fences for private events. It will protect the privacy of your guests and yourself too. Most of the time, there are panel fences that have noise-reduction capabilities so you won’t have to worry about outside noise during your events.


Barricades are perfect for construction road projects because they will protect your employees from cars. Its main job is to minimize or eliminate any liability, which is a huge concern for construction companies. You don’t want your employees to be struck by a vehicle just because they weren’t given proper safety. Barricades are the perfect temporary fencing solution that can redirect the cars away from the construction site. Aside from road works, barricades are also great for crowd control during events.

Selecting the proper fencing is essential, especially when it comes to construction. You don’t want to be held accountable for any accidents or injuries. Aside from that, you can protect your workers too.


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