Feature Wall – A Focal Point for All Styles

Feature Wall – A Focal Point for All Styles


A feature wall adds a pop of personality to your home and lends a sense of unity and harmony to any space. Every room needs an eye-catching focal point that guides your gaze upon objects of interest in sequence rather than at random. Without a feature wall, your rooms appear cluttered and chaotic.

Which Wall Should Be Christened as a ‘Feature Wall?’

There are no hard and fast rules to choose a feature wall, and the common pick is the wall located opposite the entrance to a room. A feature wall must be the first thing you see when you enter any space. If you have a working fireplace, you are even luckier. Hang wallpapers over the chimney breast or the sides of the enclave to add grace to space. You can also hang pictures to create a gallery wall feature.

Feature Wall Patterns

A feature wall gives you an opportunity to experiment with brighter colours and striking designs without the fear of going overboard. Choosing sassy designs leaves you with the glamour you crave while still having a sophisticated balance in the room. Accentuating one wall with various colours and patterns reveals your interior décor taste and personality. Whether you prefer traditional or modern designs, there is always room to express your creativity that brings simple decor themes to life and adds a new dimension to space. No matter what luxury wallpaper brands you are using, if you don’t install it the right way, it results in an absolute mess. So, hire the right experts to hang your wallpapers. 


Your feature wall is destined to stand out and don’t regret to use bold and vibrant colours that grab the attention of your visitors. Pair bold, bright wallpapers with neutral accents to create a chick look. You can also install wall murals to make a design statement that brightens up and adds details to your space.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

Add interest to the featured wall by accessorising it with objects including mirrors, ornaments, books, paintings, photographs, and more. Also, choose and arrange furniture keeping your feature wall in mind. Grouping objects of interest irregularly to create a contemporary look that reveals your unique personality and style.

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Wallpaper Style

Create a cityscape style by installing wallpapers that feature London’s cityscape that wows your guests and visitors. For a vintage style, choose a wallpaper print that has birds or flowers, or choose prints with small flowers in pale colours for a soft, homely look.

The Bottom Line

Feature wall brings positive vibes and energy into your home. Our wallcovering installers are able to install coverings that range from glass cloth, bamboo, and more. Visit https://twillwi.com/ for more information.


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