How to Clean Hitachi AC Filter?

How to Clean Hitachi AC Filter?


The AC filter is a crucial component of any air conditioning system. It acts as the first point of contact for the air entering an air conditioner. The primary job of the air filter is to protect all the AC components inside the AC unit from outside dust and other common specks of dirt like strands of hair, cloth fibres, etc.

Since the unfiltered air first comes in contact with the filter, all the dirt and dust are trapped in the filter, and the filtered air enters different parts of the cooling system, protecting them from malfunctioning.

As a result, the AC filters tend to accumulate a substantial amount of dirt over time. To the extent that the filter is clogged if not cleaned regularly, restricting the airflow. When the normal airflow is blocked, the unfiltered air tries to break into the system by an alternate air passage, leading to the internal AC components getting exposed to dust that can further cause performance and other issues.

Therefore, it is important to perform regular maintenance of the AC filter so that your AC can operate at optimal levels with uncompromised air quality and cooling effects. Besides, prolonged dust coverage over the AC filter and condensation inside the heat exchanger can result in moulds growing on the filter, resulting in smelly air leaving the AC, making the indoor environment uncomfortable and posing health risks to your family too.

Moreover, this also makes your AC less energy-efficient and susceptible to frequent technical problems leading to more visits from AC technicians, costing you more money.

Cleaning Hitachi Air Conditioners

Fortunately, at Hitachi Cooling and Heating, several revolutionary automatic cleaning technologies have made cleaning AC filters remarkably hassle-free for the proud owners of Hitachi ACs.

  • iFresh 

iFresh is the new cutting-edge FrostWash technology that customers can use for self-maintenance of AC filters.

  • Capturing the dust 

The system collects the moisture in the room and uses it to form dew on the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger thenreaches freezing temperature. The frost evenly captures the dust for easier peeling.

As water expands in volume when frozen, the dust captured inside is also lifted from the heat exchanger.

  • Melt and Wash 

As the frost on the heat exchanger fin melts down, the trapped dust also slips away with the molten water.

  • Dry

 Fans operate to dry the water making the AC clean and hygienic again.

Additionally, a humidity sensor checks the moisture level inside the unit to prevent drip and dew formation when cleaning is not in progress. 

  • iClean+ 

The iClean+ is an auto filter cleaning technology that effortlessly cleans the filter without manual intervention. An autocleaning brush sweeps the dust by moving across the stainless steel-coated filter from its actual position to the dust collector box position. The dust catcher located on the top of the dust collector box then sweeps the dust into the box. The brush now moves back to its original position.

The brush moves twice over the dust catcher to increase dust transfer capacity. Hence, iClean+ ensures no dust is left on the filter after the cleaning process is over.

  • Filter Clean Indicator 

It is natural to forget the cleaning schedule of the AC filter. However, you don’t have to worry much as Hitachi ACs come with a filter clean indicator that alerts you about cleaning the filters.

You can also contact service centres at Hitachi Cooling and Heating if you think that your AC requires an extensive round of service.

Call:- 91-797141-4848, 756788-4848 WhatsApp– 756788-4848

The leading home appliances brand is known for satisfying customer experience and building a long-lasting relationship with its customers by continuously innovating its products even at a microscopic level.


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