How to Pack Like a Pro: 7 Easy Steps to Moving Stress-Free

How to Pack Like a Pro: 7 Easy Steps to Moving Stress-Free


Packing everything you have in the house and moving to a new place is a lot of work. Therefore, it makes sense to find ways to make the process easier. Packing is a crucial part of moving that determines a lot of things. Knowing how to pack your items well is essential to stay organized, minimizing the load, and making moving less stressful. Therefore, before you callĀ Arrow Moving, ensure you have packed everything well. This article will give you seven easy packing steps like a pro to minimize moving stress.

  • Declutter First

The first thing you need to maximize on packing is to declutter your house. Remove excess items you no longer use so you have fewer ones that will be easy to pack. You can donate some items, sell in a yard sale, store them in a unit or throw them away. The main intention of decluttering is to remain with the necessary items only so you know the size of your load.

  • Choose the Right Sizes of Boxes

Another thing you need to do is to choose the correct box sizes. Based on the items left after decluttering, choose boxes that will accommodate them well. We recommend packing heavy items in smaller boxes and lighter ones in larger containers. It will be easy to organize and move them into the truck.

  • Pack Heavier Items First

The rule of thumb when packing items in boxes and loading them on the moving truck is to start with the heavy items first, followed by the lighter ones. It prevents the more lightweight items from getting crushed. It is also advisable to load the heavier boxes first to the front of the truck for a better balance.

  • Label the Boxes

Always put items belonging to one room in the same boxes when packing. It makes unpacking easier. Label the boxes correctly to know the contents and where they belong. You can use a marker pen to label or color code based on your preference.

  • Maximize Space in the Boxes

Save space in the boxes by filling them with smaller items. Apart from maximizing space, filling empty spaces provides extra cushion and prevents things from grinding on each other during transit. You can use towels, clothes, or packing paper to fill the empty spaces. However, avoid over-packing a box to make it easy to lift and prevent it from tearing.

  • Add Extra Tape at the Bottom

After filling the boxes, use tape to seal them. Adding extra seal tape at the bottom is always advisable to prevent items from dropping. You can wrap around the box to ensure the bottom and top are adequately sealed.

  • Pack These Items Separately

Knowing the items allowed in the truck and those not authorized is crucial. Some items can be dangerous during moving, which can cause harm to you and your belongings. So, ensure you pack them separately and carry them in your car. Items such as sharp garden tools, paints, oil, cleaning chemicals, and explosives should not be packed together with household items. Other items you should pack separately are auto batteries, ammonia, fire extinguishers, chlorine granules, etc.


These are easy steps for packing items like a pro to minimize stress. Packing correctly can help prevent disasters and keep you organized throughout the process. True Friends Moving Company

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