Tried & Tested tools from the HomeWagon Team

Tried & Tested tools from the HomeWagon Team


Did you know that there are tools that can make your life much easier? Whether they’re hand tools, power tools, outdoor tools and such. What do we mean by make your life much easier? There are tools designed to be more efficient and smart with the features they hold, they could be a 2 in 1 kind of tool or even a 15 in 1, designed to work as multiple functions at once so you’d benefit more from the product without having the hassle of owning more products than you need and if you think about it you’d be saving time, money, space in your home and even your energy.

We’ll make it simple for you and go with tools that are picked out by the team from Homewagon because they’ve had them tested out themselves and rated the products as their top best sellers. We’ll list down the products individually and then go into details about each one after.

The tools list was picked out from different categories from the Homewagon’s website and they range from cleaning and power tools.

  • – Bosch high pressure washer
  • – Bosch glass vacuum
  • – Black + Decker Steam mop 10 in 1

Those are the products that were tested out and we’ll know why they’re considered to be their best sellers.

We’ll start of with the Bosch High pressure washer, by the name of it you could probably tell what it is, no? Pressure and water? Yes, it’s a tool that uses high pressure 1200W to be exact to blast water out to give you a cleaning effect that will clean your dirtiest car, front yard, hard to reach windows in the front face of your house. Pressure washer can save you so much time, it has a feature of adding soap to it to give you the whole cleaning experience you need.

Who needs a bucket and a sponge these days if you can get the job done in less time, and did we mention that it also saves up on water use! You could get creative with a pressure washer as long as you use it carefully and make sure that the object you’re using it on can stand the high pressure and wouldn’t get ruined.

The second tool is also from the world wide known brand Bosch and it’s the glass vacuum.

The names always give out the use of the product which makes it easier to identify what the product is used for. Simple as that it’s a tool that cleans your glass, but it’s not as boring as it sounds it’s actually pretty cool and isn’t just used for glass. It features a water spray with a micro cloth to help wipe your glass and then the second part is the cool tool that’s the vacuum itself that uses a rubber blade that provides that smooth glide for a nice stain free clean. It’s used for windows, mirrors, showers, kitchen counters for any spillage. And like we said you could get creative with these tools as long as the job itself works with the tool and wouldn’t ruin it.

The third tool would be the 10 in 1 steam mop from the brand Black + Decker and if you’re familiar with this brand you’d know that their tools are life savers, they save you time, effort and energy thus they are life savers. The steam mop is a tool that offers endless uses that we don’t even know what to mention first.. We’ll start out by mentioning that the product is a tool that uses steam to work it’s magic and do the cleaning for you. It also kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria, cleans and sanitizes your bathrooms, removes stains from furniture and carpets, cleans your mirrors and windows and so much more. All these features are doable because of the accessories that it comes with. It offers 10 different accessories for all types of uses more than the ones we’ve already mentioned.

All these products are designed to make your house chores be done much easier and more efficient. There are so many similar tools out there you just need to do your research but if you didn’t want to waste much time you can go ahead and browse all the tools that HomeWagon offers online. They have a different section for tools that range from hand tools, power tools, garden tools and much more. All you can get in the comfort of your own home with a click of a button.


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