7 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Local Roofing Company

7 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Local Roofing Company


Are you in need of a new roof?

Our roofs are a vital part of our properties and are essential to keeping them weatherproof! But if you’ve never replaced or fixed your roof before, you might not know how to choose a local contractor. You want to make sure you’re getting the very best.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Read on for these seven mistakes to avoid when hiring a local roofing company.

1. You Haven’t Shopped Around

Roofing is an investment and it can be a big one. Especially if it’s done on a new home. This is why, especially if you’re a new homeowner, it’s important to shop around. Get as many quotes as you can from your local contractors.

The larger the sample you have to pick from, the more chance you’ll have at finding the best deal for you. It’s also a chance to get an idea of the price range, so you know what sort of bill to expect.

Remember that it’s not always the best idea to go for the lowest bid. Why are they priced so low? You want to make sure you’re not getting lower-quality materials, or any corners aren’t cut.

Otherwise, you may be looking at a bigger bill down the line to put right any mistakes. Work out what you want to be done and what your criteria are. Then look around to find a contractor who has handled a project like yours before.

You don’t have to go for the highest bid, and definitely not the lowest. But it’s important you pick the right contractor for your roofing needs.

2. You Didn’t Speak to and Check References

The biggest reason to check and speak with references is to make sure the work will be high-quality. A contractor who prides themselves on their quality should have a list of references.

It will usually be a list of names and contact details for previous clients or employers. Make sure you give a few a call and ask them about the work they had done. Find out if they were happy with the service and ask them any questions you might have.

You can also lookup the contractor online. You can do this via your local Home Builders Association as well as looking at Yelp and Google reviews.

Make sure you pick someone reliable. They should care about your roof as much as you do, and strive to do a perfect job with great attention to detail. It’s best to go with someone trusted, like K.D. Roofing Inc. Find out more here at https://www.bcaswi.org/directory/k-d-roofing-inc/.

3. You Hired Someone Who Lacks Experience

If you do a Google search of the term “roofer” or “roofing contractor” you’ll find a lot of results. The same goes for looking on places like Craigslist.

Not every contractor won’t have the experience you need, some definitely will not. It’s important that you pick a contractor who has the skills and knowledge your job needs.

If you hire someone without this experience, you could end up regretting it big time down the line. It may even end up costing you more to fix any mistakes or poor workmanship.

If you don’t have the time to sit and vet each individual contractor, go with a company that has vetted ones. And ask if they have the certifications, qualifications, and experience you need.

4. You Don’t Get Everything in a Written Agreement

Another pitfall you want to avoid is not getting everything in writing. This includes bids, estimates, costs, warranties, and any other guarantees.

If you don’t, a contractor could hike up the prices halfway through the work, so you have no choice but to pay. Or, they might try to claim they’ve done all the work when it’s not finished at all.

You should also get them to confirm in writing what materials they’ll use on the job. Otherwise, they might change the materials to something cheaper without you knowing.

Another thing is to make sure they offer guarantees and warranties and get it all in writing. You don’t want to get caught out when you find out they actually don’t offer these things. And you have nothing in writing to make a case if things go wrong.

Get everything written down, in minute detail. If your contractor won’t agree to do this, then this is a massive red flag and you should look for someone else.

5.You Accept Guesses on Costs

It’s important that you keep alert and aware during the costing of your project. A reputable, experienced contractor will do a thorough inspection of your roof.

They will then go away and take their time to get you an accurate quote in writing. This will be fully-costed and come with a breakdown of what the money is for.

Make sure you get this break down in writing, and that it’s through. Any guesses or rough estimates could lead to arguments and misunderstandings. It could also leave you further out of pocket.

6. You Didn’t Check They’re Insured with the Right Warranties

Make sure whoever you choose has the right insurance in place. If they have nothing to hide, they won’t mind providing proof of this. This will cover you if anything goes wrong on the job, or they damage your home.

You should also make sure they have workers’ compensation too, for if any workers get injured at your home. If not, you may be liable for the cost of the injuries and recovery.

Warranties also provide a guarantee that your roof will last as long as they say it will. And if it doesn’t, you’re entitled to repairs, compensations, and refunds. You may also get a new roof.

7. You Sign Off on Work Before it’s Done

In some cases, you might get pressured into paying for work before it’s done. A contractor worth going with will never demand payment before they finish. Or claim the work is “almost done”.

You have a right to wait until it’s finished and you have inspected the works and okayed them. Remember, if you got it all in writing you’re both in a binding contract. Payment is only due at the completion of the project, and with your approval.

Hiring a Local Roofing Company Made Easy

So, there you have it! Now you know these seven mistakes you know what to avoid when hiring a local roofing company.

Always shop around, and get the best contractor for your project (not only the cheapest). Vet them, check reviews and references, and make sure you’re comfortable. Always check for insurance and get a written, clear, concise contract in writing.

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