The Moving Checklist You Need Before Packing Up Your Belongings

The Moving Checklist You Need Before Packing Up Your Belongings


Congratulations! You have found a new home for you and your loved one. It is time to move your stuff and settle in the new place. One thing you must know is that packing up and moving the items is not an easy task. It is a process that requires time and a lot of planning. However, knowing how to pack smart can transform the experience into a whole exciting and adventurous one. Ditch the common notion that moving is stressful and costly. You need a checklist of the things you need to do to lessen the tension and have a glimpse of everything you need to do before moving day. Here is a moving checklist you need to pack your stuff. We have created it with the notion that you have time to pack and not move on short notice.

8 Weeks before Moving Day

  1. Two months before the date you have decided to move, start by setting a budget. Know the things involved in moving and set a budget slightly higher than what you plan to spend.
  2. If you are considering using the help of movers, research their services and get quotes from several companies. Get a reputable and reliable company like Rodi Cargo to help you with the move.
  3. Notify the landlord about your move.

6 Weeks before Moving Day

  1. Confirm with the movers about the cost and moving date.
  2. Start gathering moving supplies like boxes, bubble wrap, packing papers, etc. Know the supplies you need for the fragile items.
  3. Start using the perishable foods in the refrigerator and donate some if necessary.
  4. Create a packing schedule and start purging to remove clutter. You can give away the items you don’t use and throw away the broken ones.

4 Weeks before Moving Day

  1. Start packing, starting from the rarely used rooms, and take extra caution on the fragile items. Keep valuable documents and items separate and safe.
  2. Notify friends and family and ask them to help.
  3. Contact your service and utility providers and inform them of the impending move. It will ensure the services and utilities are disconnected on time.

2 Weeks before Moving Day

  1. Begin packing the other rooms that you use. Start with the items you don’t use frequently and leave the basic ones.
  2. Confirm with the moving company to ensure the times and dates align.

1 Week before Moving Day

  1. Make sure your old home is clean and carry out all the repairs. You can also go to the new place, deep clean it, and ensure everything is in order.
  2. Set up utilities in the new place to make it ready for your arrival.
  3. Pack essentials like kitchenware, label the boxes, and put them in one place.
  4. Take inventory to keep track of the items. Ensure you also take photos of the items to confirm you have brought everything to the new place.

On the Moving Day

  1. Check room by room to confirm you have not left anything behind.
  2. Call the movers early to ensure they will be coming.
  3. Pack enough snacks and water for the trip, and keep the bag of essentials with you.


Moving can be a long and complicated process. However, a moving checklist can ease things up and keep you organized.

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